Menstrual Cycle Symptoms and Pregnancy

Menstrual Cycle Symptoms and Pregnancy

A woman gets pregnant once the sperm fertilized a woman’s ovum. When this happens, the brain sends out a signal to the ovaries in order to stop ovum production and to focus on hormone production, which is essential for the development of the fetus. Since ovulation do not occur during this period, no menstrual cycle symptoms are experienced during the course of pregnancy. Nevertheless, there are certain cases when a woman experience menstrual cycle symptoms and pregnancy at the same time.  However, you should know that this is not possible so it is necessary to determine the cause of such phenomenon.

There are several factors why a women experience vaginal bleeding during the course of pregnancy. These factors include the following:

  • Menstrual Period – as mentioned, it is not possible to menstruate while pregnant. However, some women may also experience having regular menstruation, especially during the first month of gestation and this happens when the conception happens close to the date of the menstrual period. Although this is normal, it can still cause some problems when it comes to determining the gestation period as the due date if often calculated based on the last period.


  • Spotting or Implantation Bleeding – this often occurs when implantation begins. This is the process when the fertilized ovum is attached into the uterine wall. This may happen for a very short time. However, if the duration is long, it is necessary to consult your physician immediately.
  • Hormonal Changes – another reason why women experience having menstrual period during pregnancy is due to the changes of hormonal levels and this may occur during the early stages of gestation. Due to these hormonal changes, a pregnant woman may notice vaginal bleeding which is sometimes mistake for menstrual bleeding.
  • Ectopic Pregnancy – this is a very serious cause of vaginal bleeding during the course of pregnancy. Such condition happens when the ovum attaches itself to the fallopian tube instead on the lining of the uterus. Since there is not enough room in the fallopian tube for the fetus, this may result to organ damage or even death.
  • Miscarriage – bleeding for three months during the course of pregnancy is an indicator that you are having a miscarriage. This is a common phenomenon since most women experience having a miscarriage even before they knew that they are pregnant.

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